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We Now Use 100% Organic Green Products!

Air Duct Cleaning


We Now Use 100% Organic Green Products!

Now using the Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system

The Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system is powerful, portable, and able to be run by a single tech. It’s a key element of our whole home air-quality and energy efficiency solutions.

1. It has a miniaturized camera that lets you see where and how much contaminate collective and helps us see before and after the cleaning process.
2. the spinning brush makes contact with the surfaces of the air duct and accommodates all sizes and shapes of duct work.
3. while the brush is spinning, a powerful vacuum collects debris and contaminate and scrubs them from the air using the Hepa filters that are inside the machines.

Air Duct cleaning

The Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system has been the industry leader for almost 20 years, and it now offers new features for even more efficient, effective cleaning in homes and businesses.

This portable, powerful system can be operated by one person. It uses a patented brush-and-vacuum method—the one homeowners prefer 2 to 1—along with a removable pod design that lets you take the system into spaces with limited access.

“The Rotobrush system is sturdy enough to handle the toughest jobs,” says Curt Pricer of Shakopee, Minnesota. “Yet the compact size and the wireless controller make it simple to use.”


Complete Air Duct Cleaning Services

The return air ducts are the large vents that contain the filters in the house; they pull the air back into the furnace. We open, brush and vacuum the returns, reaching 100% of the vent. The return vents are the dirtiest part of the system, due to the fact that they draw back into the system along with the air all the dirt, dust and debris. If not cleaned, debris and dust accumulates in the system, ultimately getting circulated throughout the air in your home.

Boy & dog experiencing clean circulated air

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

The buildup of dust combined with the moisture that circulates inside the duct work creates the best habitat for mold to develop. Mold is a microbiological contaminator that uses the dust buildup as a surface to grow and spread through your system. When you breathe these mold spores everyday, it can cause illnesses in several ways, including upper respiratory and asthma-like symptoms. We apply a combination of chemical agents into the system that will totally eliminate all the microbiological contaminators, especially the mold. This also creates a protective layer that will prevent mold from continuing to grow inside the system.

EPA Registered Chemicals

Our chemicals are EPA registered specifically for air duct sanitation. They chemicals provide effective microbial control and had been tested and proven effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. They eliminate odors where they exist and leave no toxic chemical residue or odors. They are available in both scented and unscented forms and contain no alcohol, perfumes or odor-masking agents.

Elimination of Mildew and Mold

Our chemicals will eliminate mold & mildew in your ducts, which cause bad odors and potential health problems. Upper respiratory and asthma-like symptoms are also common because you breathe these mold spores every day. Mold can cause illness in several ways. Our microbiocide chemicals also control and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and mold, that grow in the duct work. Molds produce allergens, irritants and toxins that may cause reactions in humans. The microbiocide chemical keeps mold from growing in the duct work for up to two years.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The Electra Silver is designed to provide the highest arrestance available for the majority of furnaces and air conditioners. The 0.12 inch W.G. initial resistance of the Electra Silver 9400 will perform best in systems configured with 1 square foot, or more, of filter area for each ton of air conditioning. Rated by independent testing laboratory at over 94% peak arrestance, its two layers of woven monofilament polypropylene with integral anti-microbial materials provide 10 times more filtration than a disposable fiberglass filter. The deep loading center layer of non-woven polyester allows the Electra Silver 9400 to prolong the time between washings.

The Electra Gold provides over 94% arrestance in a premium quality extruded aluminum, gold anodized frame with a durable and attractive finish. At the heart of this filter are three layers of high arrestance material sandwiched between 2 layers of expanded steel. A special impregnated black polypropylene has an EPA registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth while the center non-woven layer retains debris in a maze of fibers designed to maximize air flow even when soiled.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Warranty

With whole-house air duct cleaning and disinfecting treatment to the system, you receive a two-year warranty on the duct work. This warranty covers problems incurred in the system due to growth of microbiological organisms such as, but not limited to, bacteria and mold.

Once you inform us of a problem, our technician will come out to your household as soon as possible and take care of the problem free of charge. As long as you use our company every two years, we will continue to extend the warranty.

Warranty will be voided should the customer fail to maintain the system by replacing filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Furthermore, warranty will be voided should the customer have another company within the two-year period perform any air duct cleaning or air duct related cleaning jobs in the customer’s household.